Connect to various organizations and groups outside the
  • Facebook- Australian MPN patients and caregivers.
  • MPD Stichting – a Netherlands MPN organization.
  • MPD Voice-Provide’s clear and accurate information and emotional support to everyone who has been diagnosed with a myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN). MPN Voice has members across the UK and in many other countries throughout the world.
  • Email Support List was established in 1998 by Ken Young to provide Australian and New Zealand specific information and resources to MPN patients and their families. Go to to find out more or send and email to to request to join the email list.
  • MPN Alliance Australia
  • MPN Mate (Australia)
  • MPN-JAPAN-   MPN patient booklet translated into Japanese available to download here
  • Do you see that a group or organization is missing? please send an email to with updates and questions.