• Wow – is it mid-November already?!  It must be, since we finished hosting our final MPD patient symposium of the year and are starting to think about wrapping up 2010.  We’ve also finished our review of the grant applications we received for the RFP issued this May.  I say “we”, but what I really mean is the panel of experts we bring in to assist us in evaluating proposals on their scientific merit.

    In addition to this we’ve also just received our first printing of the Spanish translated MPD brochure.  This is the only informational, free brochure on the myeloproliferative disorders to be translated into Spanish.  After repeated requests from the international and domestic physician community we are so pleased to now have something for both English and Spanish speaking patients! Last week we asked 14 experts who specialize in the myeloproliferative disorders to join with our existing Scientific Advisory Board to evaluate the proposals we received in the New Investigator and Established Investigator grant categories.  Though our funding decisions won’t be announced until February, we can say that the proposals we received covered new ground in MPD research and we are looking forward excitedly to determining what we can fund in the 2011 grant cycle.