• For the past several years MPN Research Foundation has traveled to ASH’s Annual Meeting to hear the latest news in blood from academia and industry. Since 2008 we have also participated by having our own booth in the non-profit section of the conference where we join groups like LLS and MMRF in talking to clinicians and researchers about what we are doing and what they are doing. 

    In addition to giving out our English and Spanish brochures we also discussed grant programs for the coming years and distributed information about our cancer center visits program. As part of this initiative, our VP of Development Ann Brazeau travels to cancer centers around the country informing doctors about the latest in research developments and informing them how we can help start a patient support group and send our free brochures.

    Another component of what we do at ASH’s Annual Meeting is meet with our current grantees. When possible we organize a dinner so that they can meet each other and we can all hear about what’s going on with their research. These are in addition to regular progress reports evaluated by our Scientific Advisory Board

    Soon we will publish our Scientific Advisor John Crispino’s report of important MPN updates from ASH. Sign up here to get the latest updates or check back at our website in the coming weeks.