• admin | March 27, 2021

    Our goal at MPN Research Foundation is to continue investing in research for better treatments while providing education and resources for the MPN community. In order to ensure we are meeting the unmet needs of the patient population, we have founded the MPN Impact Council. The MPN Impact Council will serve MPNRF in an advisory capacity from the point of view of MPN patients. All members of the council will be people living with ET, PV, MF or are transplant survivors.

    The advisory group will work with MPNRF’s leadership team including the staff, board members, and scientific advisors to provide counsel and feedback for the foundation’s research investments and advocacy in light of the current landscape of myeloproliferative neoplasms. Our hope is that through the guidance of the MPN Impact Council we will continue to amplify the voices of the community that we work every day to serve.