Here is a list of surveys and studies beyond clinical drug trials looking for input from people living with Essential Thrombocythemia, Myelofibrosis, and Polycythemia Vera. We list these as a service to patients who may want to be involved in informing the research process. This is not an endorsement of any of the surveys or companies listed below.

The MPN Family Study  –  We know that myeloproliferative neoplasms may occasionally run in families, but what we don’t know is why. The Fleischman Lab, headed by Dr. Angela Fleischman, MD. PhD. in Irvine, CA is seeking to answer that question. Through the MPN Family Study, Dr. Fleischman is working to identify why some families are more likely to get MPN and potentially use that information to develop ways to prevent it.

How does it work, you ask? The study is seeking families that have at least two people with an MPN and/or another blood cancer. You begin with a short online survey of your personal and family medical history, followed by a blood draw at your local lab. It is important that the blood of both the affected and unaffected family members are examined so it can be tested for a variety of mutations.

So, if you belong to a family that meets the criteria above, we encourage you to participate! MPN families are the key to uncovering what predisposes people to develop MPN and with your help, we can unlock these important answers. For more information click here or email

Myelofibrosis Patients Journey – This project, sponsored by Celgene Corporation, is available to Myelofibrosis patients who live in the European Union.  The purpose of the research is to quantify the emotional and attitudinal MF patient journey across different points in time, focusing specifically on the emotions experienced, any practical impact of the condition and its symptoms, your attitudes towards HCPs and treatments, and any information sources you have utilized.

The research will take the form of a 45-minute in-depth telephone interview with web assistance and should you qualify to take part you will be compensated for your time with an honorarium of £50. The research will be conducted in accordance with the MRS Guidelines, BHBIA Legal & Ethical Guidelines, the ABPI Code of Practice, and Data Protection Legislation. Click here to learn more about the study and to participate.