• Now that we’ve finished the contracting process for new grants and collected final progress reports for the grants that have closed, we have some time to focus on the education and advocacy work that also benefits MPN patients.  MPN Research Foundation is working on some new (and old) projects that increase awareness in the medical community as well as educate patients. These projects include outreach efforts to patients (through symposia) and doctors (through cancer center visits).

    New York MPN Patient Symposium

    The Cancer Research and Treatment Fund has once again invited the MPN Research Foundation to co-host a patient education symposium in New York, this one on November 2, 2011. Details will be on our website as we complete speaker selection, location and additional logistics.  Click here for the Save-The-Date.  

    Cancer Center Visits 

    The MPN Research Foundation has begun to make personal visits to cancer centers across the country.  These visits are specifically geared to engage the hematologists who see MPN patients. We want clinicians to know who we are, what we do and how we can assist their patients by connecting them to patient support groups, materials, providing educational symposia and general support. A clinician/ researcher usually joins us to bring physicians up to date on diagnosis, current treatment protocols and updates on clinical trials. 

    Want to get involved?

     If you think your cancer center or hematology group would be interested in this short two hour presentation, please contact Ann Brazeau at