• In June the MPD Foundation moved from a shared sublet at Willis (nee Sears) Tower to a new office on Michigan Avenue .  In addition to cheaper rent, this new space offers a better layout for Foundation staff and volunteers.  And with this new space comes a new opportunity to show it off.  As such, those in the Chicagoland area are invited to attend our House Warming on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 5:30.  For more details or to RVSP contact Juliana at or 312-683-7249.

    In addition to new space we are also looking forward to making decisions regarding the new grant proposals we received with 2010’s request for proposals.  Between our New Investigator and Established Investigator programs we have received over 40 proposals.  A cursory review suggests some exciting opportunities to accelerate research into the myeloproliferative disorders: polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia and myelofibrosis.  In November the MPD Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board will work with an additional team of reviewers to score these proposals on the basis of scientific merit, relevance to MPDs, and potential for collaboration.  We make our funding decisions and announcements in February 2011. 

    The MPD Foundation has always been focused on fostering collaboration among researchers as well as between the research community, industry and clinicians.  We made a specific plea in the 2010 Challenge Grant request for proposals (RFP) for proposals that highlighted collaboration.  It is our belief that research occurring in a community instead of a silo will facilitate faster breakthroughs that will help patients.  We now know that we are not alone in our belief as more patient-driven and research focused non-profits benefit from this model of operation.  It is our goal to make this new way of doing business work for MPD patients now.