At the MPN Research Foundation, we believe that the combined efforts of patients, patient supporters, researchers, clinicians and regulatory agencies accelerate the discovery and development of advanced treatments for MPNs.

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies also play an important role in the push for improved treatments and in connecting patients with the latest treatment options as quickly as possible. The MPN Research Foundation has developed relationships with biotech and pharmaceutical companies so that we can gain a clearer picture of drugs currently in development and identify new areas for scientific exploration.

The MPN Research Foundation Industry Advisory Board

In 2013, the MPN Research Foundation brought academicians together with representatives from biotech and pharmaceutical companies that were actively involved in MPN science. Called the MPN Roundtable, the goal of this informal gathering was to create an interactive, collaborative exchange around issues of shared importance.

Based on the success of the initial gathering, we have made the MPN Roundtable an annual event and have formalized our relationship with industry partnerships through the formation of an official Industry Advisory Board (IAB).

The primary role of the IAB is to serve as counsel to the MPN Research Foundation on the direction of our grant programs and outreach efforts to MPN patients. IAB members are invited to participate in the annual MPN Roundtable, where our grantees and other researchers meet with IAB representatives to discuss current research and identify the most productive direction for our grant programs.

All of our relationships with industry partners are governed by the MPN Research Foundation Neutrality Policy. To date, participation in the IAB has been enthusiastic and fruitful, and we continue to believe that more interactions between academia and industry can help bridge the gap between basic research and effective patient treatments.

Current IAB members include:

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