• admin | March 24, 2021

    March 28, 2017

    Last week I received an email that I always dread, with news of a friend’s passing. Marge Blocks was someone I met through working at the MPN Research Foundation. She was a nurse and the leader of the Wisconsin MPN support group, but she was also a caring, funny, witty, lovely soul whose partner in crime Roger was always at her side. She passed away last week. Her obituary is here.

    Marge was a singular presence for MPN patients who got to know her. She kept the support group going in Wisconsin, despite her and Roger’s active life, even in retirement. She devoted herself to helping others, and that love emanated from her. 

    The first time I met Marge, she gave a slide presentation on how to read a CBC for a group of patients. It was a cramped meeting room in MPNRF’s previous office space, but she made it work. She later attended at least one of the support group coordinator meetings where she shared her experience running the Wisconsin group, and Roger shared jokes. 

    Here is a picture of Marge and other patient support group coordinators from 2012:

    Roger, thank you for sharing Marge with us.