• We’ve mentioned before about our low-cost, high-quality project titled the MPN Chicago Roundtable. Basically, it is a group of clinicians and researchers representing some of the great Chicagoland hospitals who gather around the MPN Research Foundation conference table to discuss what they’re working on individually and what they can do jointly to accelerate and improve treatment options for people living with PV, ET, and MF. 

    We are pleased to announce that this group has published it’s first joint piece of research titled “Age-related differences in disease characteristics and clinical outcomes in polycythemia vera.” The colaborators from the MPN Chicago Roundtable include Brady Stein (Northwestern), Jamile Shammo (Rush), Damiano Rondelli (University of Illinois at Chicago), Toyosi Odenike (University of Chicago) and Laura Michaelis (Loyola). We are so proud that the Foundation has a role to play in helping to pull this group together, all for the cost of a few pizzas, and look forward to what else comes from their meeting of the minds.