• Tomorrow is the first day of September and this means it’s the first day of Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM).
    All through September, share your stories & advice — help us in the fight against blood cancer. We’ll be using BCAM throughout September and we encourage you to do the same!

    You may know someone living with a chronic condition and not know it. People with Myelofibrosis, Essential Thrombocythemia and Polycythemia Vera may not show any outward sign but they are suffering with some debilitating symptoms. Fatigue, uncontrolled itching, bone and joint pain are just three common symptoms. They know how important it is to continue to fund life-saving research into these cancers.

    While the National Institutes for Health is tasked with funding medical research, their budget is often focused on diseases that affect larger populations. It is up to the MPN patient community to band together to make some noise when possible to remind people they have the ability to change their prognosis. During September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we’re asking patients and anyone who knows someone living with one of these conditions to change their Facebook profile image as we’ve seen done for so many other worthy causes.

    This is meaningful to a population of people living with a rare cancer, but it isn’t all that we’re asking people to do. Make a donation today: ( and share with your family and friends that you are making a difference and want them to  make some noise to help you change your prognosis. We need to make everyone aware that there are people in our community fighting to find better treatments and cures.
    These are some tiles you can use on your Facebook posts.